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[FORZA HORIZON 5] Best sim racing game. What do you guys think?

2022.01.22 18:49 oshanguwan [FORZA HORIZON 5] Best sim racing game. What do you guys think?

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2022.01.22 18:49 masterpisser Kinda dumb question. Is the patch 2.4 come out on the 25th or is it just the ptp?

I have myself confused and am nolonger sure.
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2022.01.22 18:49 Royal_Ambition7105 Small little haul from my recent send sale (align tank $28 & align &59!!) and I a pair of groove pants I ordered online ($98) in LOVE🙈❤️🇨🇦 (details on tags)

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2022.01.22 18:49 Colin_And ISO help with a "Next up" round robin for scheduling meetings for my sales team

I have a sheet with all the account executives. When we schedule a meeting for them the SDR puts their initials in the sheet and I would love to have the next up show at the top. The goal is to have equal distribution of meetings booked. What is the formula for the next up when booking 1 for each AE then 2, and so on? Added bonus, is there a way to put a total number of meetings scheduled on the left of each name?
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2022.01.22 18:49 bicyclesandicecream And they wonder why there’s a labor shortage…

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2022.01.22 18:49 SnoShark My longest fatbike ride so far

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2022.01.22 18:49 Terry93D Dagger & the Coin: Book-by-Book Review

Tail end of last year I reread Daniel Abraham's incredible The Dagger and the Coin trilogy. I wrote up a review for each book as I finished them, over on my Storygraph account, but this is a larger community so I figure maybe some of you will be interested.
Warning: there are spoilers for just about everything - character arcs and the book's themes most especially.
THE DRAGON'S PATH Having written the Asian-influenced Long Price Quartet, for this Abraham wrote something more traditional: armies on the march, kingdoms, a medieval- and Renaissance-esque setting intensely reminiscent of Europe. It should be noted ahead of time that The Dragon's Path is, effectively, an extended prologue to the remaining four books of the series.
Though the setting is familiar, Abraham nevertheless plays with cliches in a way that makes them feel a little fresher and resonate differently - be it the Chosen One, the orphan, the war-weary veteran, or the nobleman, they're all familiar, but subtly subversive. Geder, Cithrin, and Dawson are each enthralling, with only Marcus a little too close to cliche.
Worldbuilding is detailed, but shallow. There are thirteen races of humanity, but all viewpoint characters are Firstblood (or, in Cithrin's case, half-Firstblood and half-Cinnae). (And all are straight and cis: the greatest defect of this series is a complete absence of queerness, not only in the viewpoint characters but also in that it is never mentioned or referred to, at all. I forgive it, because these are some of my favorite books, but your mileage may vary.) Those areas where the worldbuilding will begin to play a greater role in the plot wait for future books. The pacing is slow, but steady.
Having read this once or twice (or thrice, I can not remember) before, this book is familiar, but it's been a few years since I read it last. Coming back to it, I can say that this is a series that rewards rereading - so much of what's to come is hinted at and telegraphed here, sometimes in ways that are obvious (Geder is the recipient of a prophecy), sometimes subtle.
THE KING'S BLOOD Having been a viewpoint character for two of the final chapters of the previous book, Clara now takes a role as one of the leads, and I found her to be especially gripping - a character whose dramas are those of court gossip and of etiquette. (I don't know if anybody else has remarked upon this, so I'm going to: Abraham has a remarkable way of writing about multiple characters in the same setting and keeping each distinct.) Dawson continues to be mesmerizing: totally unlikeable, heroic in this book for the wrong reasons, and easy to hate. As he is killed half-way through, gender parity in terms of viewpoint characters is achieved by the end of the book. Geder, too, is a great character: the sort of person that many of knew, or might even know, and probably were at one point but grew out of. Kind to friends, but prone to holding disproportionate grudges to those that he identifies as an enemy - precisely the wrong person to place in any position of power. Cithrin, the orphan banker of the first book, grows more into herself here. Marcus takes something of a backseat, but necessarily so, and his place at the end of the book is much different from where it was at the start.
One has to read The Dragon's Path to appreciate the full context of this book - it's here, however, that The Dagger and the Coin begins charging forward, the pace picking up about a quarter to half way through and then not letting up. As The Dragon's Path laid the foundations for this, so does The King's Blood build the framework upon which the rest of the series is hung: the first hints are dropped during the last quarter of the book of the spider priests' hatred of the Timzinae, even if we're not yet given a reason why. If the 'recaps' - you know, the first chapter of the sequel when the author finds a slightly contrived way to remind you what happened last book - were to be eliminated, the whole series would function well as a cohesive, five-part novel. (It would make discussing the series in a review easier, too - the series is so tightly linked together in my mind that it's hard to discuss the individual books separately.)
THE TYRANT'S LAW Here, the ambition of this series at last is unmasked, its groundwork laid in the previous two books, built towards, now revealed in all its grandeur: if its setting is a relatively standard medieval/Renaissance Europe analogue, then the story Abraham is telling is one that derives directly from the twentieth and twenty-first century. You will find no closer analogues to the spider's war than World War II (and, to a lesser extent, the wars undertaken by the Bush and Obama administrations).
Look at the character of Dawson, the hidebound reactionary nobleman executed in the previous book. He is explicitly derived from the historical figure of Frederick Reck-Malleczewen, a German aristocrat that opposed the Nazis because he was a monarchist. Abraham was taken with the idea of a character "so far on the wrong side of history he lapped himself." Or the war prosecuted by the Lord Regent, which is being waged now primarily against the Timzinae. Abraham doesn't import concentration camps directly, but prisons are constructed for the children of the Timzinae, whilst the adults become slaves on Antean farms. And, like with the wars that comprise the War on Terror, it is a war that grows itself, that creates enemies for itself, so that it may continue. And these tie into the series' greatest political and philosophical theme: the distinction between truth and certainty, and the dangers of confusing one for the other.
These themes are there for the reader if they want it. But if you don't, it's still a dark and entertaining epic fantasy. This may be the third book in the series, but it keeps the pace going. Marcus continues to be a more traditional type of fantasy protagonist, but his psychological state becomes clearer here. Cithrin, as in The King's Blood, is under somebody else's thumb, but here it is an apprenticeship at Suddapal in much different circumstances than with Pyk Uesterhall in Porte Oliva. Clara mourns her husband and takes to intrigue, engineering the fall of the Lord Marshal and writing to the Medean Bank as she tries to defend her country from itself while she lives with a servant. Continuing the subversions of the previous books, this servant is in love with Clara - and eventually, she falls for him, too. She, a middle-aged widow, is the only character in the series with a romance. And Geder is compelling, as before, and often in the most horrific ways, as before. Some of the highlights of his chapters have been his interactions with Aster, and Abraham exploits that here with a discussion centering around the war to produce what is quietly one of the darkest scenes in the series. All things considered: compelling characters, an enjoyable story, decidedly modern themes - it's a series that scratches many of my itches.
THE WIDOW'S HOUSE If The Tyrant's Law may've suffered from just a touch of middle-book syndrome, then The Widow's House moves, and moves, and moves. The coin in the series' title begins to play a greater part, with the spider priests ensuring that in terms of dagger, of warfare, that Geder's army can not be defeated, leading to the realization that this is a conflict that will have to be ended with more inventive means. As with the previous books, there is much depth for the reader who wants it.
The book's title is ironic, because for the entirety of the book, Clara is on the move, following the army - now under her son's command, with his appointment as Lord Marshall -and continuing her quest to subvert and undermine Geder's rule. Cithrin and Marcus attempt to fight a traditional war at Porte Oliva, but it turns out that the dragon, Inys, is not the end-all winning move they'd thought he was. And Geder continues to be an interesting character, pursuing a ruthless conquest which arguably meets one of the Genocide Convention's definitions of genocide on one hand whilst being generous and kind towards those few he considers friends on the other... but the cracks, in Geder, and in the spider priests, are beginning to show.
Especially with Geder, one has to admire Abraham's ability to sketch out characters in a sentence or a paragraph that would take other writers paragraphs to achieve, and then develop them in ways that can surprise whilst still being inevitable. Having been rejected by Cithrin in the previous book, Geder proceeds to entangle that silent abandonment with his own pre-existing insecurities, and because he is a powerful man in charge of an empire, he is able to bend the ongoing war to his own whims. For all his monstrousness, one is almost forced to sympathize with him because he is so very real. As I've mentioned before, this series is hard to talk about volume-by-volume for me because I first read it a couple years after it was released at first and so I have never had the experience of waiting for the next volume. Perhaps if the option were available to review the series as a whole...
THE SPIDER'S WAR And so, Abraham brings what is, quietly, without the wider world of fantasy seeming to take all that much notice, one of the most ambitious fantasy series' of the past twenty years to a close. In many ways, it's like other fantasy series': a big bad from the distant past rises again, there's warfare, a chosen one, and an orphan hero. But every trope brought it is subtly twisted, so that it resonates freshly. The warfare is relentless, and endless, sprawling ever onward. The chosen one is the villain. The orphan is a banker and a high-functioning alcoholic. And the conclusion of the series is not just about ending the war, it's about ending the war in such a way as to reduce the possibilities of future wars. The big bad is not some malefic beast, and while it's certainly an evil religion, that it is a religion is almost incidental. The spider priests is a sort of philosophical threat - the spiders that crawl in the veins of the priests purge those priests of the ability to doubt, and as a result, every belief they hold is cemented as absolute truth; and what is more, it gives him the ability to tell if others are telling the truth, and the ability to compel others with their own voices. And the more people with this corruption in their blood, the more different beliefs become truth... and when contradicted, knowing that their own knowledge is truth, and hearing a contradiction and knowing that it is also truth - it creates rage.
The cracks begin to show at the end of The Widow's House, and they continue here. The magic is imperfect. The power of the priests' voices is imperfect - it takes repetition, again and again, to cement it. Geder begins to fall into a depression, though he doesn't recognize it as such, because of this imperfect. The different priests, with their own truths, result in schisms. And the Antean army, marching and fighting for years running, is worn to the bone, only functional at all because of the priests. Those cities that are occupied begin to fall as Timzinae armies arise. While our protagonists struggle, the world continues to move, and the protagonists focus on that which only they can affect. It's in this book, as in the last, that the coin in the series' title, finally arises as a viable alternative to the dagger. For all that the series is titled The Dagger and the Coin, the deepest theme of the book, the most important one - in my view - is that matter of truth, and certainty, and the dangers of confusing one for the other. Abraham has said that the concept of the spider priests came about because of Karl Rove's quote "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality - judiciously, as you will - we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out." This questioning of truths and certainties seems to me a deeply postmodern theme, and it's a mark of Abraham's talent that it transplants so seamlessly into a classic medieval/Renaissance Europe setting.
But, leaving aside the themes... Abraham's skill for characterization and plotting ensures that the ending is natural, and inevitable, true to the core of the characters. The prose continues to be understated with occasional moments of beauty. Marcus and Master Kit's dialogues, with their ventures into philosophical territory, are some of my favorites and have shaped the way I think about humankind. The viewpoint characters still are tightly constrained, kept to our four core characters, but the entr'actes that have bridged the books appear more frequently here, giving us an insight into the wider world. One of these entr'actes revolves around a man who, having no interest in women, has taken male lovers, which slightly mollifies my previous complaint about the absence of queerness. Only slightly, however. And the pacing, of course, is such that the book is a page-turner. The ending leaves open a little bit of room for a potential sequel, but I suspect that there will never be one. As with The Long Price Quartet, one struggles to see any possible sequel in this setting that could match or better what's already present. And I am left excited for what Abraham will do next, with the Kithamar trilogy, not least because it will be as different from this as this was from TLPQ.
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2022.01.22 18:49 RedditExplorer89 Why is this deck bad? [Blaze of Glory][Eist Combos]

Parden my deck write-up, but I have been enjoying this deck and wanted to make it better.
In my head it seems amazing - good removal, good point slam, very consistent (goes through whole deck most games). But then I play it and I lose.
Hoping you all can tell me why its bad and if there is any ways to improve it.
Incase you don't want to read my silly deck-write up here is a more serious version to explain what my idea is with the deck:
It all revolves around Eist. Play Eist, discard big cards and cheat their deploy triggers. Round 2 ressurect Eist and do it again.
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2022.01.22 18:49 hollylue RefectoCil Question

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2022.01.22 18:49 VendettaVF Big sad :(

A little kitten was following me today when I was walking back home from school, my mom told me to put it in the garden and we gave it some food and a bath, and when my dad came home he took it away in a place about 4-5 kilometres far away from our house, I'm gonna wake up at 6 am tomorrow and going to look for it with my bike, I'm not coming back unless I find it.
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2022.01.22 18:49 kecenr Nonsensical comment found on a reupload of an Oleander song

Listened twice I really enjoy the mellow to metal but yes truth speaks I'm going thru hell every since a kid. I'm a day after Christmas child. I'm being labeled as a criminal from the racist. There's a reason why I am here! I'm a hero person and mom. 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷 Let's Love People! And Listen!
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2022.01.22 18:49 tikerbell23 Am I destined to have bad relationships all my life?

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2022.01.22 18:49 Pure_Break2054 🐸 5x CYBERFROGZ NFT GIVEAWAY 🐸 DROP ADDRESS & FOLLOW STEPS

  1. Join our Discord
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  4. Drop your Discord and Twitter @ with your wallet address
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2022.01.22 18:49 CommonSalt9412 Does my umich community essay have to be about something serious?

Could I write my community essay to Michigan about something kinda lighthearted like being a loyal customer somewhere or a plant owner and then make the significance serious? I'm posting this on both a2c and the umich sub.
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2022.01.22 18:49 WhaleAirsoft WTB AUG v3 motor cage

Need an AUG type v3 motor cage- mine is bent/warped and about to do a fairly high stress build and my motor currently has the ability to jump around like crazy, long shot but please let me know if you have one
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2022.01.22 18:49 Nekomiminya [PC][Pre-2014] Some RPG Maker game that has party member thrown in prison, then they fight dragon

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG
Estimated year of release: Before 2014
Graphics/art style: "vanilla" RPG Maker xp iirc?
Notable characters: Don't remember much here
Notable gameplay mechanics: I'd swear you could equip skills to inventory
Other details: It heavily, badly out-cheesed my cheese, which caused me to quit it back then. At one point one party member is thrown into prison, so I wanted to save the equipment... and then they had to fight dragon basically naked.
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2022.01.22 18:49 the_bri [LF] - cleveland, OH - 1+ - Pea puffer

cleveland, OH - 1+ - Pea puffer
multiples ideal
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2022.01.22 18:49 randomguynobodyhere Need douching advice

TMI sorry guys but… I’m more top but vers for the right guy some times too, so I don’t douche often or know too much about it, but when I do no mater how little or much water I think I’m using it always causes almost like diarrhoea?? Almost like my body just has an IBS attack and just wants everything out 😅 Is that normal? Am I doing something wrong? I use a shower head btw! Thanks! Sorry if it’s gross haha major respect to the bottoms out there!
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