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2022.01.22 17:18 Artistic_Mountain830 R6 CHEATER

CHEATER : https://tabstats.com/siege/playejochenpetri1976/4305e0eb-e79b-4e5f-ab07-c108d9183393 CHEATER : https://tabstats.com/siege/playeboosted-iwnl/2040a0e1-95c5-4069-93fa-08fb6cf9b046
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2022.01.22 17:18 SavingsFar5221 Kuby Immunology 8th Edition by Jenni Punt , Sharon Stranford

Kuby Immunology 8th Edition by Jenni Punt , Sharon Stranford submitted by SavingsFar5221 to textbook_TB_SM [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 17:18 deepslate_stone Does disabling Google play services actually stop it from running

If I disable it and then open a app that uses Google play services the app will send me a notification saying that the app will not run unless you enable Google play services and this makes me think that even when you disable Google play services it doesn't actually disable it from running
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2022.01.22 17:18 Louise9511 Prices on the rise?

Hi fountain pen community!
I have been debating replacing a treasured pen that my father bought for me and I tragically lost. A few months ago it was around $65 and I see now it has regrettably gone up to $115. Can anyone explain this change? Is there any hope for it to go down? Any advice is appreciated.
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2022.01.22 17:18 MyComicBox Player's Handbook, page 98 (yes I know that the Tasha's sorcerers get more spells)

Player's Handbook, page 98 (yes I know that the Tasha's sorcerers get more spells) submitted by MyComicBox to dndmemes [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 17:18 seriousleezz --------------------------- Old Stuff past this point -------------------------

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2022.01.22 17:18 Lordnemo593 Is the animated movie "Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox" not on HBO?

I thought they had all the dc animated stuff
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2022.01.22 17:18 LorraineBoedeker [Get] John Anthony Lifestyle - Corona Pickup Course (Full)

I have John Anthony Lifestyle - Corona Pickup Course.
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2022.01.22 17:18 Mosulmedic Stop buying TQs from Amazon

Just a reminder that it isn't worth wagering your own life to save a few bucks. Amazon is flooded with Chinese knockoffs that look and feel real.
Always buy your TQs from a reputable dealer unless you are just buying the TQ to do an airsoft photoshoot...
Also, ditch the blood type patch. You look ridiculous
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2022.01.22 17:18 Amazing_Future_9786 Manhwa where the MC was weak and had horrible roots for cultivating but a golden tailsmen entered his head and he became OP

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2022.01.22 17:18 FuntimeIsDead The Kill The DJ Single

So I'm at the state in my collection where I'm buying the singles and I was wondering if they sold the CD Single For Kill The DJ bc I can't find It anywhere.
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2022.01.22 17:18 Cheap-Struggle1286 Just more logic

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2022.01.22 17:18 City-Cowboy-993 Why Humans make war so terrible….

We want you to remember a long, long time the mistakes of your ancestors. We will be the shadow in the dark, the bump in the night, every little thing that terrifies you as you try to go to sleep.
During the day we will trade with you and smile. We smile because we know. We enjoy that we know.
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2022.01.22 17:18 flashh007 Introducing DoodleCity: Halloween Costumes all year round! Link in comments

Introducing DoodleCity: Halloween Costumes all year round! Link in comments submitted by flashh007 to opensea [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 17:18 Physical-Storage-529 Why do so many applicants apply for psychology major?

There are a lot more liberal arts major, but why do they major in psychology although most of them aren't taking it to be therapists and it's not a good major to earn money?
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2022.01.22 17:18 ozExpatFIRE How does quarantine work if you test positive during Bangkok test and go?

Can you do quarantine in your own hotel in Bangkok if you test positive but asymptomatic or have mild symptoms? Or should you go to hospital/hospitel?
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2022.01.22 17:18 RTGac Men of Reddit, since you can't control it, why do you constantly feel the need to point at your penis and apologize to beautiful women when you get an erection near them?

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2022.01.22 17:18 crazysandwichman Best shoe boosts and badges for PD Billy Cunningham? How are you guys liking his card?

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2022.01.22 17:18 _ndls CFA results

So a while ago I made a post about how I thought I would fail the CFA (and therefore never get into the academy). My mile times were abysmal (10min+) and I had a foot injury that didn't allow me to work out for ~2 months.
Well I got an extension and took the CFA, and did below average in everything, but exceptionally below average in the mile (10:12). Didn't post my results because I wasn't proud at all. No surprise, I got the email to retake it.
So for a whole month I focused solely on running with only a few strength sessions. Here were my results:
BB throw: 53ft (4ft better than before)
Pull-ups: 16 (5 better than before)
Shuttle run: 9.8s (0.3s slower than before)
Sit-ups: 84 (5 better than before)
Push-ups: 65 (12 better than before)
Mile: 9:03 (1:08 better than before)
So yes my mile is still very bad but everything else I was very proud of. I just pray that the academy takes into consideration how my mile improved by a whole minute, even though it still probably "failed".
Anyone have insight on if this has the chance to pass? I just don't want to get auto-rejected.
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2022.01.22 17:18 ForgottenMoonCrater Road to Akarmara. Ghost town in Abkhazia.

Road to Akarmara. Ghost town in Abkhazia. submitted by ForgottenMoonCrater to BerenBierBrigade [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 17:18 jookco javier ramos stamford ct : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.22 17:18 chocko21 Check out some of these old sets in a local toy store!

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2022.01.22 17:18 ehsadeghi87 میم ژدید🗿🥦

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2022.01.22 17:18 Luciid_Frost_YT Help

Hello! My name is LuciidFrost and I need more views on my videos! I will watch back IN FULL!
If you are going to comment don’t mention Reddit or anything like that, only positive vibes!
No sub4sub, only subscribe if you enjoy Minecraft and I will sub if I enjoy your videos! If you share my content I will also share yours!
Please help a small YouTuber out! I return favors, all I ask is that you watch the video in full! I will watch and sub if I enjoy! Thank you and have a wonderful day!
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2022.01.22 17:18 CryptixLinx Fox is the sweatiest fucking character and I would rather blow my brains out than fight against him.

Fuck fox. And Fuck anyone who plays this piece of shit character. He gets to do whatever the fuck he wants in this game with zero repercussions. His moves are all fast as fuck and have no end lag. Even if he whiffs a fucking smash attack he can mash another one before you can even do anything. Fuck this character. His combos are broken as fuck. His airials are broken as fuck, his smash attacks are BROKEN as fuck. And anyone that plays him is a no life sweaty fuck thats creaming at the chance to re love the “glory days” of melee. Well it doesn’t fucking matter. Your character is broken as fuck in this game too so shut the fuck up. Privileged motherfuckers.
submitted by CryptixLinx to SmashRage [link] [comments]