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Plaque Tole Acier pour Tan Tan Maroc

2022.01.22 18:22 motolinda Plaque Tole Acier pour Tan Tan Maroc

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2022.01.22 18:22 ur_boi_zayvier Any car guys on this sub?

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2022.01.22 18:22 DatBoiye What happened to being able to see operator stats?

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2022.01.22 18:22 ZoolShop NASA satellite captures a dazzling, important crater on Mars

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2022.01.22 18:22 HalHaloFiasco Applying to New Teacher Position Mid Year?

Hey y'all,
A district I want to work in recently posted an opening starting this February. The problem is, I currently have a teaching position in a different district. Should I notify my current employers that I applied to a new position mid-year now or wait for things to become more guaranteed with the position I'm applying for? If it helps, I teach in Texas. Any advice helps!
Decided to post this in the teaching sub as well for more advice! Also because the application closes in February
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2022.01.22 18:22 Th3_BugBomb how do i obtain knowledge ranks?

I have the soul gazer, but its telling me to wait 5 minutes to use it again. that gave me only 100 points... Is there a quicker way to get these points so i can summon an aegis?
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2022.01.22 18:22 Public_Difference_35 Very wet glossy almost you can mirror😱😱😱😱😱

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2022.01.22 18:22 DigitalJumperJack Server Settings

I'm playing Ark Single Player on Xbox and I'm setting up my breeding settings but all the guides I see are impossible for me to set. Like it says to set Mature Speed to 45 but the maximum I can set it is 6? Is there a setting I'm missing to increase the maximum settings?
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2022.01.22 18:22 jakethesnakeisback16 Borderlands Intel HD 4600 (Low End PC)

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2022.01.22 18:22 Music931 Glenn Miller - Pennsylvania 6-5000

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2022.01.22 18:22 Lord_VivecHimself Non so se c'entra ma secondo me merita (leggete il post)

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2022.01.22 18:22 g59slickity ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥ILL TRANSFER ONE OF MY NFTS TO SOMEONE IF THEY UPVOTE THIS PIC IN DISCORD!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥ILL TRANSFER ONE OF MY NFTS TO SOMEONE IF THEY UPVOTE THIS PIC IN DISCORD!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 submitted by g59slickity to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 18:22 fazedoggo Only ogs can relate

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2022.01.22 18:22 braderton [S] [CAN-AB] Mamiya Sekor Z 110mm 2.8 W & Mamiya Sekor Z 180mm 4.5 W-N

1 x Mamiya Sekor Z 110mm 2.8 W (Comes with rubber hood and Hoya 77mm UV Filter
1 x Mamiya Sekor Z 180mm 4.5 W-N
Both lenses were always used with filters (accidentally sold the 180mm filter with the rest of the RZ kit). Both lenses stored in Pelican case with fresh desiccant packets. No signs of internal haze, fungus, dust, anything. Both lenses function perfectly. 180mm was barely ever used. EXC+ Condition for both.
110mm --> $650 USD shipped to Canada or lower 48.
180mm --> $100 USD shipped to Canada or lower 48.
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2022.01.22 18:22 One_Relationship6441 Potentials of a Force Dependent on Time and Position

Imagine a particle of mass m, constrained to move along the x axis, subject to some specified force F(x, t). The program of classical mechanics is to determine the position of the particle at any given time: x(t).
Once we know that, we can figure out the velocity v=dx/dt, the momentum p=mv , the kinetic energy T=1/2mv^2, or any other dynamical variable of interest. And how do we go about determining x(t)? We apply Newton’s second law: F=ma. (For conservative systems—the only kind we shall consider, and, fortunately, the only kind that occur at the microscopic level—the force can be expressed as the derivative of a potential energy function, F=-du/dx , and Newton’s law reads
This, together with appropriate initial conditions (typically the position and velocity at t=0), determines x(t).
Now I copied this from a textbook. I understand that F=-grad(u), but this case I only find F=-du/dx. Shouldn't it be F=- In this case, the force is dependent on both position and time, so the potential function would have to depend on both time and position as well. Having a force with component of such a quantity, however, makes no sense. What is going on here?
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2022.01.22 18:22 zanotam Aeldari Weapon Leaks - So Hot Right Now

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2022.01.22 18:22 Admirable-Ad-3883 Mi discord, si quieres pasar el rato ;)

Si eres trapito, estas aburrid@, quieres simplemente platicar, o quieres un buen dominante activo para divertirte ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (o ambos), te dejo mi discord! Disponible 24/7 ;b Black.Byrd#6519
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2022.01.22 18:22 AcidArchitect Obviously rebase model needs to end, Daniele says.

Obviously rebase model needs to end, Daniele says. Its obvious the rebase model is probably not the most liked in Defi at the moment.
Option 1 Since we are setting up liquid staking and will be running Avalanche and Fanton nodes. We could use $TIME to buy nodes on the platform. This will make $TIME compete with other node services. We have an advantage of having Frog nation already.
The nodes can pay 0.70% daily and will cost 1 $TIME for one node.
Some will say 0.70% is not possible. 0.70% is realistic. Most node programs are using 1% on average daily. This gets paid from sales of nodes. People compound and new people buy nodes. There is always reserves to payout. Sale of nodes pays the rewards.
Option 2 Selling NFTs which pay a daily yield of 0.70%. Sales from the NFTs will go into rewards pool and that’s how we will be able to pay 0.70% a day.
One NFT could cost 1 $TIME and payout 0.70% a day. The supply of TIME could be now fixed, which fixes the inflation issue.
With NFT,s you can sell them in secondary market unlike nodes. They will be attractive because they payout daily yield.
If Wonderland sold daily yield paying nodes or NFTs, they will eliminate sell pressure and add vesting period. This gives Wonderland seed investments time to develop and prove the concept.
Yes, revenue share is coming. But revenue share will be more of a long term investment and the rewards wont start very attractive compared with rest of DeFi space. That’s why we need to be earning at least 0.70% a day without inflation, but fixed supply of $TIME.
The Venture Capital seed investment model is good, but it requires time for projects to develop. As that time passes, people could be earning.
Even Dani understands that rebases are increasing supply of $TIME/MEMO and creating inflation. So rebases need to end.
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2022.01.22 18:22 Syke4L I mean…

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2022.01.22 18:22 Stolen_Gene Issue with Bilegulch mine ores not respawning?

I need to get my free orichalchum fix, but no matter how long I wait, the ore just won't respawn. All sources say it's 30-35 in-game says, but I've tried waiting at least 40 days, twice, and nothing. I don't know if this is relevant, but in both cases, a lot of the time spent waiting was in the Hendraheim home, which is super close to the mind. I don't feel like that should have an effect, but it might.
If all else fails, is there some exploit or console command I could use to make the ore respawn faster?
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2022.01.22 18:22 Exolerate Something slightly different for you all; RichaadEB & Friends - Night of Fire (Power Metal Cover)

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2022.01.22 18:22 noelioli How could you hate this man?

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2022.01.22 18:22 Iliketodrawalot258 Can someone tell me what was x’s diet, I want to eat everything, exactly how he ate. I know I might sound crazy but if I did what he did, I would have his energy. I will literally be carrying x’s energy and continue his legacy.

Wel maybe not that last part but the people I hang around with will probably say “yo you have x’s energy😍”
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2022.01.22 18:22 BappoRoo Her e

Can someone explain the changes to her e? I don’t quite understand them
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2022.01.22 18:22 Mouldyboot What Blizzard considers "mature language" for character names is beyond stupid

For context, I play a Troll Shaman called Zuluzapper in WoW Classic SoM on the EU server Dreadnaught. To keep in line with my other troll friends named Mojomagix and Ooglyboogly, I figured the name "Bongobrudda" would be appropriate. Sadly, the game flagged my name for "mature language" due to me including the word bongo in my name (I tried bongo in other names, it was flagged, brudda wasn't). I decided to go with Zuluzapper instead, which is honestly a far cry from the original.
As we've been leveling, my friends and I have noticed names that not only toe the line in terms of mature language but flat out incorporate offensive language. The two that marked us the most were names that included rape and one that included darkie. I figured it was really unfair that I was being denied my right to self-determination based on the word bongo, when these words are used without issue.
I ticketed Blizzard about this. They pointed out that sometimes the system picks up on words that aren't mature but that use GM names or certain noble titles. I asked them to clarify what it was about bongo that triggered the system, and, to prove a point, I included a screenshot of a character freshly made in character creation named "Rapeman". Blizzard then told me to fuck off essentially with a copy pasted line about name changes.
If Blizzard want to be consistent, they need to either enforce the rules and force name changes for people that use words like darkie or rape in their names to name change or give me the opportunity to rename myself Bongobrudda. Anything short of that makes no sense. I've included screenshots of the tickets and a screenshot of the character I made below.
Justice for Bongo.
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