D&D project question 2

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2022.01.22 18:06 IronHand066 D&D project question 2

Is it ok that I’m posting this here? I know there’s a D&D sub but since this is gundam related I figured here would be ok.
I’m still working on the stats for the Mobile suits but in the meantime I think I got the weapons down, what do you guys think. Should I add, or change anything.
3 barrel wrist gun 1d4 Bazooka 1d12 Sub machine gun 1d6 Beam rifle 1d10 Beam machine gun 1d6 Sniper rifle 1d12 Anti-vehicle/ship rifle 1d10 Gatling gun 2d6 Beam sniper rifle 2d8 Shotgun 1d8
Claw mounted rocket 1d12 Beam cannon 1d10 Missile pod 1d6 Hyper beam launcher 2d10 Wire-guided arm 1d10 Funnels 2d4 Shoulder mounted cannon 1d10
Rocket axe 1d10 Beam sword 1d8 Double beam sword 1d12 Heat axe 1d6 Heat sword 1d10 Hand Spike shield 1d8 Heat knife 1d4 Beam pole axe 1d12 Heat lance 1d8 Iron nail 1d8
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2022.01.22 18:06 11ej25 Nokia 6300 and WhatsApp

A relative has used old bar phones all their life. They do not like smartphones, so we were thinking of giving them a Nokia 6300 so they can also use WhatsApp
A few questions: 1. How easy is it to use? 2. Is it full feature WhatsApp? Calls, messages, pictures/videos, or a simplified version?
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2022.01.22 18:06 aparkatatanbaksir okuldayken can sıkıntımı geçirkmek için yaptığım bazı şeyler

1 - eğer ön sıraya bir kız oturduysa sonra ki tenefüste mutlaka bir tane sakız alır atarım ağzıma derse girince kıza farkettirmeden sakızı kızın saçına yapıştırırım.
2 - kızlar yanımdayken önümden geçen alt sınıftakileri durdurur kızlara hava atmak için tartaklar döverim.
3 - (bu favorim) mutlaka her gün burnumu karıştırır çıkarttığım sümüğü ön sırada oturan çocuğun sırtına sürerim genelde farketmeleri zor oluyor.
4 - bazı tenefüslerde dışarı çıkmam camdan kafamı çıkartır aşağıda gezenlerin kafalarına tükürürüm tutturduğum zaman kafasına tükürdüğüm çocuk bana doğru bakıp bir şeyler söylerse aşağı iner bir güzel döverim.
5 - her derste mutlaka sınıfın en sessiz ezik çocuğunu dersi böler onun hakkında komik aşağılayıcı bir espri yapar ve bütün sınıfı hoca da dahil ona güldürürüm (genelde bunu yaptıktan sonra ders sonuna kadar kafalarını yerden kaldıramazlar bu genelde can sıkkınlığımı ders sonuna kadar idare eder).
6 - her tenefüs olmazsa olmazım illa ki ezik sessiz çocukları ezerim. yanlarına gider sulu el kol şakaları yaparım kafalarına vurur gözlüklerini çalar camdan aşağı atarım eğer bir şey derlerse üstüne bir de döverim. genelde bu can sıkkınlığımı gün sonuna kadar idare eder.
7 - tenefüslerde sessiz içine kapanık çocukların ayağa kalkmalarını beklerim ayağa kalkıp yürüdükleri zaman hiç beklemedikleri bir anda pantolonlarını külotlarıyla birlikte aşağı çekerim ve bütün sınıfca güleriz. bu onları bayağı aşağılar ve beni de genelde bir ila iki saat can sıkkınlığımı idare eder. (not bunu genelde kızların önünde yaparım eğer kızlara karşı rezil edersem bonus olarak 1 saat daha fazla can sıkkınlığımı geçirir)
genel olarak bunlar benim okulda can sıkkınlığımı geçirir. aklıma gelirse daha da yazarım.
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2022.01.22 18:06 reagan5333 8 min quarters, 5 OT, and absolutely zero defense

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2022.01.22 18:06 Theeltoro Kengan AU

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2022.01.22 18:06 Away-Throat-1368 Why are you Gay 🧐

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2022.01.22 18:06 Huabin1109 I have noticed the most comment skateboard battery system for EV is actually invented by Peter Rawlinson.

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2022.01.22 18:06 NormanLobo He's #001 for a reason!

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2022.01.22 18:06 Ancient_Might_5820 cognitive dissonance go brrrrr

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2022.01.22 18:06 Trader-Pilot While supplies last.

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2022.01.22 18:06 zenith_kronzen looking through some photos

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2022.01.22 18:06 Studio10eleven LPD arrests 38-year-old man for possession of controlled substances and a handgun in downtown Lincoln - 1011now

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2022.01.22 18:06 FromDudsville What is your favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon?

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2022.01.22 18:06 Tomurisk Scrolling on 96.0.2 became faster?

As I used 96.0.1, I didn't have any issues with scrolling and Firefox had respected my specific configuration I've set in about:config. I just reinstalled Firefox and it seems like the scrolling became faster and even stutters a bit. Is it just me?
I use Windows 10
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2022.01.22 18:06 Cranialorigami6 Pair Of Dice Lost File#5

Pair Of 🎲🎲 Lost: File #5 Puddle Trips & Space
I was sleeping at the hobo hotel an old restaurant on the right of the orange peel with Puddle Trips & Space for close to three months now when we couldn’t stay there we went across the street to the rocks camp. Me and space were break nicking parking box’s (allegedly) at night and taping the money back to gather after we got back to hobo Hilton. Not a bad gig but it was work one slot at a time. Of course for legal purposes I’m going to have to say allegedly because in fact it was ice cream confetti not money. Anyway we would work up enough to get everything we needed for the next run down. IE spray paint & paint pens witch like the ice cream would mostly be nicked but you buy a few at the register to show why you came in of course. Space could do throw ups in minutes and they were dope my favorite was one on the skate park that said Pac-Man your mom’s idol. He would throw fame to me quite often. Mine are simple shit like LOW FLEX but the letters were upside down and backwards or just a yellow pac-man with three pellets and a blue ghost. I had others two but they always got pictures taken of them because they thought they were gang related. When I fact I never been in a gang ever. I think I might of started two of em by accident though (allegedly.) I was painting bricks with the paint pens trying to make real art I guess but one really got people to stop and take pictures with their phones it was across from Prichard and was multi colored with the word Parasitic on it. But I had a number of bricks I had done and a few swoop art spots along that whole stretch. Me and Puddle Trips would bang boi and busk with an old guitar he had when he had it. Other times we would just panhandle well he did I sang to his playing I hardly ever asked people for cash. Now near the end of my stint on the streets I did fly signs. My best was probably Will Dance For Ham witch I got from a book with a list of hobo names in the back index. I drew a little stick figure shaking his legs and arms and a pig face with a smile. My second best was I would dress like a ninja as best I could and the sign said Out Of Work Samurai Needs Mo Dough For Dojo. I cut the sign in the shape of a throwing star most times. Trips was also a dog and often the better one he had been hoping trains a lot longer then I ever had the only time I ever hopped I hooped right back out before it left and I changed my mind the jump out was down behind the gravel plant I think that was what it was you walked across a bridge and the college was up a hill to left. That’s just one there are four other spots around Asheville you can catch trains out of your past. I was walking on the back side of grove arcade by the dueling piano bar when I bumped into huggens he said he had a room at the renaissance and I should come with him because Tennessee and space were already up there so I go with him and we are loading gift cards to use at the dope house. I wrote a poem on the info booklet but I can’t remember what it was about I just know at the end of it I wrote in French because when space read it he got super excited and said you speak French Pac-Man! No why man? The last line in this poem is French you spelled it wrong but it says and it was. Or the same as it was, idk it just comes out bro, sometimes I do that write a few words in a different language but I never learned any in high school. I get so fucked up I sometimes walk around speaking a type of native Indian language that sounds Asiatic too. Yeah I seen you when you were in the whole dirty Jesus thing man. Yeah I call it getting the hoots, a week before I was walking in an empty city with the silent chainsaw after me and the little girl with dead eyes and the tourists were on peddle bars drinking with the sound of kids being beat by their peddling even my friend Frodo filped his shit and stared chasing one down the street yelling you fucking baby killers. A street up from me somewhere a guy is yelling about how if I don’t move the money will be spent and the people are stoping to see live sex acts in the street past that. The sounds of shotgun blasts every so often from the inside the restaurants where the dinners would lap up the fresh meat and I would yell out best tasking chicken in the universe at. Yeah I had the hoots for a few days after that I would yell out shit like green light the sorry Fuck’s but make sure you pay the candle maker and the baker and basket weavers. I made a big speech about how god was a dead beat dad and if we raised our kids to were they had to pray to us for forgiveness before we gave them food and demanded they worship us above all others and if they didn’t we would kill them for not believing. That they should not ask questions of us but have faith and trust without doubt. Then get up set when they turn out to be psychopaths who will almost kill you just because you believe something other thin what they were taught. And how Jesus was a teacher and he let us stay at his house were we talked and asked questions and that he shows us how to make everything about god. How we shall not kill but instead make unto him a sacrifice and spice it so that it is pleasing to god and when he comes with furry over it and asks why have you slain this beast we say no lord it’s in your honor we rubbed it with spice to please you and burnt it in offering. Why then do some partake of its flesh because oh lord it is said waste not and ye shall not won’t and so it went for everthing that would bring down the wrath the teacher thought man how to make it about his honor. All this I said out loud from the woods behind the civic center and people would yell shut up or go to hell until I spoke of Christ and then it was different they began to cry they said amen the looked at me differently as I walked the streets their after but still they knew I was and always would be under them. Out front at the one stop I was listening to stand up but the jokes were evil and vile the camera above the door was transmitting the stage sounds and every once in a while it would tell me to put out the joint I was smoking. G Mac and a few other people ran past me as he stoped and said your fucking right he has a chainsaw man. Just then a girl with no shoes on and a evening dress ran past red faced and panting now when you see that it’s not just in your head anymore is it. I made my way to the movie theater bench’s to do a shot and there were five other civilians not hobos there some kid ran down the street with a shotgun and let lose with a shot and one girl said fucking newbie. I held my arm out and stuck the needle in while they watched one girl licked her lips as did so. But they didn’t talk to me and I didn’t talk to them we are not the same it was clear. They bailed when I stared tagging the hall with a can of spray paint afraid of getting arrested I guess, they all went in the door to the building that is in that hallway. I stood at the end of it smoking a rollie and saw a true tagger at work this kid was sick. He hit all the orange dividers in the road with a rich scroll of motion I never could read what it said but his tag was all over Asheville. Done with his hit he stood back up and turned to leave when he see me looking at him he froze spray can in hand and I said one word SICK he smiled and jogged off back to his parents or his life I’m sure he’s an artist his tags are to pro not to be. I would see him every now and thin walking watching me and every time he saw me look at him he would duck his head afraid I would say hay your that kid I saw who does that tag but I never let on I knew him. He spoke to one day from across the road and I said you don’t won’t to know me. It hurt his feelings I could tell I did on purpose least he think of me as someone to look up to. I only saw him once after that on the rise an up hill jaunt that came right of the church. I passed him and he said don’t go up that way go around they wonted me to lie to you and get you go by the church but I told them fuck off. I taped his shoulder i wonted to hug him he remains the only person to ever say they asked him to do something and he said fuck em. 😳 poem: :)Dirty Jon:( The heroes symptoms are seen to clash that flag thus full and flowing is nothing more than a clear plastic bag stuck at half mass in an abandoned strip mall parking lot. Crust punk kids dig through dumpsters out back looking for anything of value to trade for medicine they burn on spoons. Dirty hunger in belly’s speak to each other ignored by it’s owner’s the heroin calls the dealership for all the fixings. Table for one. Paramedic waiters catering to emaciated body’s they pump full of naloxone and transport to pandemic beds where as soon as we can walk out of the hospital hotel quickly pass the check on the way out. The disease every bit as deadly as the virus. One a heart wrenching news peace the other pulled from abandoned buildings and alleyways where the only thing to see you O.D. Is the graffiti. Song: Blister In The Sun by Violent Femmes as background.
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2022.01.22 18:06 SleepyBoii04 Fellow autistic people of Reddit, how do you act in friendships or other kinds of relationships?

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2022.01.22 18:06 Peaksii I’m on the hardest difficulty now. What tactics have been useful for you guys

Going up a difficulty level is definitely a jump especially the last one. So what tactics are you guys using to get through the incursions?
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2022.01.22 18:06 future_shoes How QB Success Rate Is Tied To Draft Position | The Draft Network

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2022.01.22 18:06 mooserider2020 Almost completed my Immolator! Just the weaponry, stained glass and alternate head to finish ! (C&C welcome)

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2022.01.22 18:06 xrc1808 Green province will repeal all arbitrary restrictions on businesses.

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2022.01.22 18:06 cactusandbutter What year is this book from?

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2022.01.22 18:06 Unrealyra How can I prevent my cat from destroying its fresh catnip?

Every time I buy a new catnip pot it is usually destroyed in a few hours. I am not talking about my cat just spilling it on the floor, it's just that he will pluck every single bit of root that can be found and kill it.
Any tips to prevent that?
(I'm talking about fresh catnip that help with its digestion, not the one that make them crazy. Sorry if it's the wrong translation)
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2022.01.22 18:06 royr91 Making DRS popular across all stock owners instead of just GME owners to decrease total borrowing capital of Hedgefunds and their cronies

To begin, I'm a smooth brain in this topic compared to most of you but what if we try to get attention to the benefits of DRS'ing to all stockholders so that people with other stocks (holding these stocks long) also will feel incentivized to DRS their shares so total collateral these hedgehogs use will decrease.
I haven't seen any push or explaining to other stocks or stockholders/forums. Of course we don't want any brigading to other subs but I think it will benefit all shareholders worldwide to get to know the benefits of DRSing. In the same time (if I understand this whole thing right) it will also benefit us as Ken's and his buddies collateral wil decrease?? Meaning 🚀🚀🚀🚀 sooner.
In this thread I hope people can help give a summary of reasons DRSing has benefits over holding in a broker so we can spread this information across the interwebs. Please give me some pointers because I'm not wrinkled enough myself.
The benefits on top of my mind are:

I don't have enough karma to post on superstonk so please spread this message there if you think this would be a good idea.
Buy hold DRS GME🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
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2022.01.22 18:06 Silly-Vermicelli7675 BRG Rise Of Heroes (ROH) is now recruiting!

We’re looking for 2 active members to come and join BRG rise of heroes. Our player base are a cheerful bunch with a good bit of banter, mainly Europe based with some fellow Americans.
General - 354m Guild (when full). - Guild activities refresh at 15:30 UTC. - All Heroic Raids (24 hour join period). - HPIT & HAAT (simmed) - 17:00 UTC. - HSTR - 18:00 UTC. - Crancor (on farm) - 19:00 UTC. - 31* DS (32* is possible, we prefer to go for the extra currency from SM) & 45+ WAT shards. - 25* LS & 40+ KAM shards (Coaching highly advised but optional). - TW is mandatory to join (Defence & Attack plans are sent via discord).
Information - Become one with a larger family that includes tons of useful Information from the BRG alliance. Such as mod guides, expert advice, tips & tricks and much much more… - Daily reminders for tickets and raids from Hotbot. - We will help to work around members work and holidays across all events and game modes.

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2022.01.22 18:06 EestiMentioned [/r/ico] Centaurify - Launching Now on BSC

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